Published texts and research projects ︎︎︎2021: Series of essays for TMDC (”Las Puertas de TMDC”). Text for the exhibition “Quatre Parets” of artist Luz Broto at etHall Gallery. “Buscar lo Obvio; Entrevista a Carlos Serra” article for Teatron ︎︎︎2020: “Ecosistema de lo cotidiano” essay for Galaxxia ︎︎︎2019: Poems for a series of album covers for Hivern Discs label with Sara Torres and Guillermo Lucena ︎︎︎2018: “Human Consumption”. Selected Research Project as part of The New Government Models Exhibition of The European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) and exhibited at V&A Museum ︎︎︎2015 : BASE of Insects, with Elsa Casanova and Alessandra Ballotta selected for the Cumulus Association. Installations and exhibitions ︎︎︎2020: Solo show “Similar to Greix” with Alejandro Solé ︎︎︎ 2020:  Collaboration with Alejandro Solé and Fernando Gandasegui for “Pira Velo” ︎︎︎2019: Group exhibition with Sociedad0 for CasantilloXCasabanchel ︎︎︎2019: “La Plaça” public space installation with Sociedad0 ︎︎︎2019: Selected piece for Understanding l’Hospitalet ︎︎︎2018: “La Noche de los Jueves” Sociedad0 Solo Show at “Space to be” ︎︎︎2018: Scenography for “YAK42 meet Sociedad0” ︎︎︎2017: Collaborator for the documentary “Estat Turístic” with Sociedad0. Life project ︎︎︎2016-︎: Co-Founder of Sociedad0. Design, art and research collective. Lectures and workshops ︎︎︎2020: Lecturer at the FES Design Festival with Sara Torres ︎︎︎2020: Tutor of “Reconfigurar Espacios” ES Design University with Mateo Palazzi ︎︎︎2020: Lecturer at ESD Murcia with Sara Torres ︎︎︎2018: Tutor of “La Noche de los Jueves” Workshop at Elisava Design School with Sociedad0. Commercial design projects ︎︎︎2019-2021: Packaging design, literature, conseptualization and art direction for La Manso with Anxo Casal and Guillermo Lucena.︎︎︎2019: Assistant of Does Work for Kendu with Victor Betriu.