Human Consumption
Final Degree Project. Barcelona, Summer 2018.

Selected Research Project as part of The New Government Models Exhibition of The Euro- pean Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC). Brussels.

Exhibited as part of the group exhibition “9 pieces wild honey pie” at Victoria and Albert Museum (London) during the Design Week 2018.

︎ Project site (Joint Research Center EU)

“The only virgin land left is a 20%. The whole world is assumed to be a resource to be consumed with a value to be given. Nature is humanized at the point that nothing can be recognized as original. The only wild and surprising is the velocity in how money is made and lost. Bodies walk around the urban landscape conscious of their possibilities. Bodies are raw material for survival. Materials from the body processed to fit into human standards of consumable products. As cows used to give us leather, milk and meat before they became the focus of the ethical, ecological and health unsustainability. Humans connected by capital and technology use all they capabilities to satisfy their own necessities. Humans don’t rely  any more into superior and omnipresent organizations. The individual is the force to achieve own direction. The mind, the virtual heel the ego of the infinite identities of soul. While the physical embodies the instrument of change, the opportunity to control and not being controlled as the material offered is from one's own.”