A project of Sociedad0. Installation made by Sara Torres López and me (Madrid, autumn 2019). Doors by Lauara Sebastianes, Max Milà, Juan Ezcurra, Ignacio Ezcurra, Claire Romain, Sara Torres, Èlia Bagó, Mateo Palazzi.

In this exhibition for “CASA ANTILLÓN X CASABANCHEL” the doors represent the finishing elements of the constant refurbishing of our space.

Comissioned by Casa Antillón.
Photos by Santiago Mijangos and Guillermo Lucena Mejias.

“Our behaviour around the empty rectangle of 1000m2 in which all started was circumstantial. Our movements, intersections and conversations in the space responded to sounds, shadows, lights and presences. There were no walls, no doors, just few curtains prevented the eye to see all corners perfectly nude. Sofas, chairs, lamps, rugs and mattresses connected and segregated by temporary use, conforming environmental living spaces.

Our behaviour around the space is now precise, fixed. The walls came and, with them, the ways to enter two spaces. Sofas, chairs, lamps, rugs and mattresses serve the room which entitles their function. And this function is, ultimately, controlled by the door. Opening and closing conversations between rooms and vehicle for elaborate symbolic identity”.